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About Au Sommet Place Ville Marie


Au Sommet Place Ville Marie is dedicated to both Montrealers and the thousands of tourists who visit us each year.
We’re confident the Observation Deck will become an iconic destination where guests will discover and rediscover the most authentic and most unique aspects of Montreal; our Montreal.

Alexandre Taillefer

Our vision

The collective objective of the founders rests upon respecting and highlighting the original architecture from the ‘60s to create an appealing destination for both visitors and locals who wish to discover or rediscover an inspiring city.


An architectural gem designed by I.M. Pei (creator of the famous Louvre Pyramid) and Henry N. Cobb, the Place Ville Marie complex stands out with its famous cruciform tower, the highest of its type in Canada at 188 metres (617 feet). Still very contemporary, Place Ville Marie has become, as suggested by the visionary spirits who conceived it in 1962, a “city within a city” and forms the heart of Montreal’s business centre. The Galerie Place Ville Marie still moves to the beat of the major trends while creating a warm, dynamic space. Nearly 80 renowned restaurants and shops can be found there. For more information, visit


Galerie Place Ville Marie still moves to the rhythm of major trends and welcomes special events throughout the year, including its famous fashion shows and other fashion rendezvous. Its boutiques offer a full range of products and services, from garments to high-end fashion and beauty accessories, and provide clients, visitors and tourists with a unique and satisfying shopping experience, enhanced by several enticing restaurants and food service outlets.

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Our partners

Les Enfants Terribles

This is the first franchise for Les Enfants Terribles, a concept offering audacious Quebec cuisine reinvented by chefs with a deep understanding of Montreal traditions.

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Heritage Montreal

Founded in 1975, Heritage Montreal strives to promote and protect Greater Montreal’s architectural, historical, natural, and cultural heritage. Part of a wide network of partners, Heritage Montreal is a private not-for-profit organization acting through education and representation to showcase, highlight, and preserve Montreal’s unique identity and features.

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Tourisme Montréal

Tourisme Montréal is a private not-for-profit organization created in 1919 and incorporated in 1924. It gathers more than 750 members and partners from the local tourism industry sharing the common objective of positioning Montreal as a touristic destination among international clienteles.

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World Federation of Great Towers

The World Federation of Great Towers is an international association of important monuments, including some of the best-known buildings in the world.

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The team

Sonia Pépin

Director of Operations

Hugo Deligny

Restaurant Manager

Nicolas SanJose

Chef de la cuisine

Sylvie Bennardi

Human Resources & Administrative Manager

Mary Ramajo

Operations Supervisor

Christian Bazatoha

Event Manager